Becky Brooks


I’m a 32 year old Newspaper Editor, who came to Funky Fitness having completed the Bath Half Marathon in 2013 and felt I needed to do something other than running. At that point, I was about to trek the Great Wall of China for charity and have since hiked the Himalayas.

I am a regular at Boogie Bounce, I’ve loved it since day one, and it has helped me become fitter and stronger than I ever thought possible. I love how fun it is, how lovely the people are and how inclusive it is, too.

Yoga is my first love though – I have been going to a weekly class for over ten years and last September, I was given the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher, becoming a 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher in June. I have trained in the Sivananda tradition, which is a gentler form of yoga, but this will be perfect for funky fitness goers – offering something that will stretch those tired, worked-out limbs, build strength and flexibility, whilst learning to switch off and relax before you go home as well. I’ve also found yoga invaluable as I up my cardio fitness, it keeps me from stiffening up and also helps me find some peace and clarity whilst juggling a busy career and day-to-day life.

Whilst I try to lead a pure yogi lifestyle, the key to everything is balance – so for me, that’s a herbal tea in one hand and (sometimes) a glass of wine and chocolate bar in the other! The best thing about yoga is that we are all different, our bodies are very different and there is absolutely no judgement. It’s about coming along and doing what works for you, with my help. Why not give it a go?

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