Becky Woodland


Hi I’m Becky, I’m The Boss!  I’ve always played sport since I was at school. I loved netball and helped set up our local netball club when I was 16 (very long time ago)! When I had my third child in 2003, I decided to retire from netball due to injuries and to join my local taekwondo club and I absolutely loved it. After divorcing in 2007 I wanted to dramatically change my job so decided to sign up for a Diploma in Personal Training. This was very hard work, with long days and time away from my family but with support from my partner and parents,  it was worth it! After passing my Diploma, I helped out teaching taekwondo and I still do, although I’m unable to train as much as I’d like to. I then decided to become an Indoor Cycling instructor. My partner and I decided to open a gym and incorporate these classes which went really well.
In 2014, I kept getting tagged in a clip of Boogie Bounce Xtreme on facebook, so, I eventually looked into it. I booked onto the Instructor Course and absolutely loved it. Jenny Belcher (BBX Founder) is so passionate about  it and made the day so enjoyable and fun that I knew I had to bring these classes to my local area. After running the classes for 6 months in various venues, I had to find a permanent  base for the classes, so I found an Industrial Unit. This is where it all started!
Funky Fitness was born in April 2015. I moved the bikes and the classes there and asked Lotte if she would like to run some Indoor Cycling classes as I wanted to expand with more classes. Metafit was then introduced followed by Body conditioning. We now run Bootcamps, Bike box and Yoga with our lovely Becky Brooks and Mary and Niki are now Boogie Bounce shadow instructors.
More classes will gradually be added and a bigger premises is needed!

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