Regan Fear



I’m Regan a full time conveyancing assistant in a local law firm who is taking her love for fitness to the next level!!


I started boogie bounce a few years ago along with spin, metafit and circuits with Becky and absolutely LOVED EVERY CLASS!!


Unfortunately in August 2015 I had to take a short break due to a knee operation – but was so desperate to come back that only a few days out of surgery I was back at funky fitness to get my fitness fix, if only it was sitting and joining in with the arm movements! This only made me want to do more once I was back to full health and that’s exactly what I did!

One day mumma frog (Becky) had asked if becoming an instructor was something I would like to do, I thought over it for all of five minutes!.. And “jumped” at the chance! A few months later myself and Becky travelled to Birmingham together for me to do the course and I passed! Not only did I love it that much that I wanted to teach more and more I am also studying to become a fully qualified fitness instructor within the next few months to enable me to teach other classes along side boogie bounce!

I can honestly say boogie bounce and funky fitness has made me full in love with fitness and raised my confidence levels massively! Everyone is very welcoming and the atmosphere at classes are second to none!!  I hope to see you all soon!

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